Mockupmonday #97

Get inspired by this new #Qink_mockupmonday with nearly 100 #mockups published in the #QquiltinkWall during the past week. 

The #mockups form the #Quiltinkchallnegejul24 are excluded because I am preparing an amazing #mockupmonday for them next week.

This month, you can win a 20FQ Moondy Rainbow bundle curated by @toadandsew from the #puresolid collection from @artgalleryfabrics by participating in our monthly challenge! 
Come to
Pick a pattern
Color it with the challenge palette (in the solids section)
Publish your mock-ups in the QuiltInk Wall.
And by sharing them here you obtain 2 extra entries!

Happy week full of color and stitches, quilty friends!

Cascade Bloom SAL beginning

TitleCascade Bloom SAL

Designer: Toad and Sew

Technique: Curve Piecing

Sizes: 4

Today is the beginning of the Cascade Bloom Sew Along by Toad and Sew and we want to celebrate with this hypnotic video with the 89 #moc-ups already published in the #quiltinkwall .
If you want to sew this gorgeous pattern with Taylor, with her tips and advice along the way to make the process smooth and enjoyable, Check Toad and Sew website to know more about the SAL and color your version with #quilt_ink!

New Pattern: Riley’s Star

TitleRiley’s Star

Designer: Hexen Haus

Technique: Traditional Piecing

Sizes: 2

It’s release day for the Riley’s Star quilt pattern by Hexen Haus. A 2 colors pattern perfect for Christmas you can start planning now with QuitlInk!
#rileysstarquilt is a playful, modern twist on the traditional Irish Chain quilt. Chains surround the Star to create a beautiful focal point in the center. This pattern includes two sizes, baby and throw, and is constructed with four patch blocks, flying geese, and half-square triangles. It is perfect for a confident beginner who is ready to decorate for the holidays!
As you know, I always encourage you to support new designers. It’s a great opportunity to support Erin on her quilt design journey. Visit her profile, show her lots of love, and if you like the pattern, get your copy to start planning your Christmas quilts!

Mockupmonday #96

How is your summer going? We are entering the hottest period of the year, and all I want to do is stay in the water and think about my upcoming projects!
If you need inspiration for your projects, don’t miss this new #Qink_mockupmonday, full of amazing patterns with different styles. Remember to check all the patterns that have a SAL or upcoming release on the patterns’ main page!
You can easily plan your next quilt with QuiltInk for free! Visit, pick a pattern, choose your palette, and start coloring! By sharing your mock-ups on the QuiltInk Wall, you will help inspire others with your unique colorings!
Happy week, quilty friends!

We Are The Storm SAL begins

TitleWe are the Storm

Designer: Libs Elliott

Technique: English Paper Piecing

Sizes: 1

Today marks the start of the We Are the Storm SAL by Libs Elliott at her SEW SQUAD. It’s a casual EPP sew-along where you can sew this gorgeous pattern with quilty friends.

The mock-ups featured in the video are the ones published on the We Are the Storm Wall in QuiltInk. Come and enjoy them more quietly because each one is a showstopper!

Visit Libs’ profile for more info if you want to join her SEW SQUAD and participate in this amazing #SAL!

New Pattern: Farmer’s Market Free QAL

TitleFarmer’s Market Free QAL

Designer: 10 designers

Technique: Several techniques

Sizes: 1

Tomorrow, a new free SAL you can’t miss will begin! It’s the Farmer’s Market Quilt Along.
The Farmer’s Market quilt is part of The Stitcher’s Society Farmer’s Market Quilt Along, brought to you by Art Gallery Fabrics. It is made up of blocks designed by 10 different designers. Enjoy each block separately or make the whole quilt! The finished quilt measures 55 1/2″ x 69″.
Meet the designers below and remember to share your mock-ups with us on the #quiltinkwall. We can’t wait to see them all!
Amy Mogren of Ritual Quilt Company
Michelle Corless of Compass & Wildflower Studio
Valerie Krokosky of Farmer’s Daughter Stitches
Jaimie Vanpernis of Sews by Day
Lindsay Tiedemann of Pins In A Blanket Quilt Co
Cynthia Hilfiger of Longarm Quilter
Lori Parker of Garryana Quilt Co
Mary Burroughs-Mayer of Ember Craft Company
Sara Marie of Sara Lucielle Handmade
Kristin Weiss of Heart Lake Quilts

Mockupmonday #95

Happy monday quilty friends with this new #qInk_mockupmonday, the number 95!

145 mock-ups full of color to inspire your coming project! You can enjoy them all in our #quiltinkwall !

Happy coloring and sewing!

Designer Spotlight – Taylor Krz

The July interview features Taylor from Toad and Sew, an emergent new designer that brings to live stunning quilt patterns, runs a beautiful comnunty and has a lot of amazing proejcts coming. Join us as we explore her creative journey and significant contributions to the quilting community.


Taylor has all her pattern hosted in QuiltInk so you can plan your unique versions in a digital, modern and fun way!

Personal Background

Taylor, as we dive into your story, could you provide a snapshot of who you are and take us on the journey that led you to where you are today?

I am the designer and creative mind behind Toad & Sew. I’m a former artist and graphic designer, and I’m all about modern quilt patterns that inspire today’s quilters. I’m originally from outside of Philadelphia, PA but have been calling Seattle, WA my home for the last five years. I went to Virginia Commonwealth University, where I studied Illustration and Graphic Design. 


Quilting Journey

When and how did you start quilting? What drew you to quilting as a form of expression?

I started quilting in 2019, mainly due to mental health issues I was suffering from. I needed a way to get out of my head and use my hands productively. Working from home, I was constantly on the computer and felt like the work I was doing lacked purpose. Quilting helped me work through these mental health challenges and truly changed my life!


Pattern Designing

What inspired you to start designing quilt patterns? How do you approach the creative process of designing a new pattern?

As a graphic designer by day, the need to design my own patterns came very naturally and quickly. I wanted to express my creativity through quilting, and it was a natural progression.


My creative process isn’t anything fancy or sophisticated. Usually, an idea pops into my head, and I start playing around on my computer to execute it. That initial idea typically evolves into five more ideas and changes drastically from the original concept. I love designing because it’s such a fun process from start to finish, and you never know what you’ll end up with!

Style and Aesthetics

How would you define your pattern style? Are there specific themes or elements that consistently appear in your designs?

I would describe my pattern style as modern, bold, and geometric. My designs are typically medallion-based or feature a secondary pattern if they’re block-based. I experiment with various styles to keep things fresh, so there’s not one consistent element that appears in all my designs.



How does color play a role in your pattern designing? Do you have a favorite color? Are there certain color combinations you find particularly appealing?

Colors play a HUGE role in my pattern designing—I would argue it’s one of the most important aspects of my design. I truly believe that color choices can make or break a design. I spend a lot of time experimenting with different color combinations to ensure the pattern works in a wide variety of color schemes. If the pattern only looks good in a few colorways, then I know it doesn’t pass the test, and some aspect of the pattern needs to be altered.


My favorite color is a vibrant red-orange; I love the warmth and energy it brings to a quilt. While I’m typically drawn to warm tones, lately I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of different combinations. I just love playing around and seeing what sparks my creativity!


Business Activities

Apart from designing patterns, what other activities are integral to your quilting business?

(Membership, notions, courses, etc)

I have a quilting book club membership called Toad Circle. We host four mystery quilt SALs (sew-alongs) each year, and with each SAL, we read and discuss a book at the end! It’s a fun, vibrant community that attracts people from all over the world. The community gathers on Discord, and we have plenty of Zoom calls to connect. It’s a great way to meet like-minded quilters and try new things!


Online Presence

Where can people find your work online? (Website, social media handles, online marketplaces). How do you use online platforms to connect with your audience and fellow quilters?

I am @toadandsew on all socials and my website is

You can check my Toad Circle community at 

Upcoming Projects

Can you provide a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or designs you’re working on? Any exciting collaborations or events?

Toad Circle will open its doors for new members from July 23rd to July 30th, starting the new SAL on the July 30th which will be having it’s second guest designer this summer.

I will also be teaching at QuiltCon 2025! I’m super excited that I will be teaching two classes there – one is an advanced design class and the other is a color theory class! 


QuiltInk Experience

How has QuiltInk contributed to your quilt pattern design business? Could you share your experience with the platform and how it has influenced your creative process and connected you with fellow quilters?

QuiltInk is a fantastic platform for my customers to see exactly what their quilt will look like! As someone who absolutely needs to visualize the final design before cutting, I’m thrilled to provide that same capability to my customers. 

New Pattern: Cascade Bloom

TitleCascade Bloom

Designer: Toad and Sew

Technique: Curve  piecing

Sizes: 4

Cascade Bloom, the new @toadandsew quilt pattern, is live! This amazing #quiltpattern features retro cascading striped curves and a bold design, perfectly blending modern quilting with traditional feels. It comes in 4 sizes and 2 colorways: 2 tones and 5 tones.
For this presentation video, I wanted to use mock-ups among the 30 already published in the #quiltinkwall , and I had a hard time picking some of them. They are all so amazing! Need inspiration for your version? Visit our public Wall and let your imagination soar!

New Pattern: The 3017 Quilt

TitleThe 3017 Quilt

DesignerMillie and Bun Designs 

Technique: Regular piecing

Sizes: 1

The 3017 Quilt by Millie and Bun Designs launched at the end of June, and it’s available for you to plan it in QuiltInk.
It’s a confident beginner pattern coming in a 60″ x 60″ Throw size. Strip piecing and snowball blocks are used to construct this design, which was inspired by mid-century modern breeze blocks. This is quick to make and would be perfect for solids, as well as showing off some bold prints!
Share your mock-ups on the #quiltinkwall and let’s inspire each other by adding more creative and unique designs!