New Pattern: Drip


DesignerTaralee Quiltery

Technique: Piecing with curves

Sizes: 4

The Drip #quiltpattern by Taralee Quiltery is now available on QuiltInk, ready for you to plan your very own version! This stunning pattern was released a few weeks ago, so if you haven’t already, grab your copy and start planning your unique creation with #quiltink! 
Remember to share your #mock-ups in the Wall to inspire other members of the community. 
Wishing you a colorful and sewing-filled weekend ahead! 🎨✂️

New Pattern: Snapshots of Summer

TitleSnapshots of Summer

DesignerOh Snap! Quilters

Technique: Multiple techniques

Sizes: 1

Looking for a summer seasoned #quiltpattern ? We are excited to announce the Snapshots of Summer Quilt has just been activated in QuiltInk!
A #QAL organised by the Oh Snap! Quilters group, made up of 10 pattern designers who all graduated from the amazing Pattern Writing Academy run by @AlderwoodStudio in 2021. An inclusive, skill-building and delivered in a clear, helpful and supportive way.
You are still in time to join them and get your #quilt ready for summertime!
Check each one of the blocks, they are absolutely amazing! And the color possibilities are endless! I just did more than 20 mock-ups you can see in the #quiltinkwall !
Meet the #quiltpatterndesigners !
Kaitlyn @sewlovelyquiltshop
Jules @apieceoflovequilting
Jenn @JennBQuilts
Claudia @BayAvenueStudio
Jenn @starflowerquilting
Crystal @sewgenerouslystudio
Kaitlyn @fritschinstitches
Ellyse @bluepearlquilts
Ann @buttontwillandtwine
Amber @madisonrosequiltingco

New Pattern: Ombre Star Quilt

TitleOmbre Star Quilt


Technique: Traditional Piecing

Sizes: 4

Exciting news! It’s release day for the first #quiltpattern by Daphné from Octopurse, the Ombre Quilt. And you can color it with QuiltInk!


Daphné is a great quilter with an excellent taste for color, and her #quilts are always stunning. Now, the #quiltingcommunity can enjoy a pattern from her. A pattern with so many color possibilities that I can’t wait to see all the mock-ups that you will share in the #quiltinkwall !


Visit Daphné’s profile, get your copy of the pattern and start planning it with Quiltink!

Mockupmonday #88

Have you visited our #quiltinkwall recently? It’s on the verge of surpassing 7500 #mock-ups published right now, and… reaching 20,000 created over the last 3 years, counting both published and drafts!
Will you miss out on this powerhouse of quilt inspiration? If you’re not already part of the #quiltinkcommunity, simply visit, register for free, start coloring, and share your unique #colorversions.
In the meantime, enjoy our latest #qink_mockupmonday, the number 88. featuring over 130 unique creations by our amazing users in the past 2 weeks. Except for those from the #quiltinkchallengemay24, which I’m saving for a super special #mockupmonday in 2 weeks! Hurry! You’re still in time to participate!

New Pattern: Sadie Sunshine

TitleSadie Sunshine Quilt 1 block / 4 blocks (2 patterns)

DesignerIn the Lights Quilts

Technique: Traditional Piecing

Alison from In the Lights Quilts is uploading all her patterns into QuiltInk, so you can plan them in a digital way even using your printed fabrics, and all for free! 🎨✂️


Today we present their last 2 patterns just activated, the Sadie Sunshine Quilt – 1 Block Version and the Sadie Sunshine Quilt – 4 Block Version. 🌞✨ Trust me, choosing just four mock-ups for this video was a challenge – each one is a masterpiece in its own right! 😍


Do you need inspiration? Dive into our #quiltinkwall and #quiltinkpatternwall to discover endless color variations shared by our amazing community. Let their creativity spark your own and start crafting your unique masterpiece! 🔥💭


And don’t forget, signing up for free grants you access to all patterns on QuiltInk, endless color possibilities, even printed fabrics, and the ability to save your creations effortlessly. Don’t miss out on the fun – join the QuiltInk family today! 🚀🧵 #QuiltInkCreativity #PatternMagic #QuiltingCommunity

New Pattern: Heckin’ Checks

TitleHeckin’ Checks

DesignerJess Rash Quilts

Technique: Traditional Piecing

Sizes: 1

Let’s give a big welcome to Jess from Jess  from Jess Rash Quilts to QuiltInk! Today is the release day for her first pattern, the Heckin’ Checks Quilt! A traditionally pieced, large throw (64″ x 80″) and suitable for confident beginners #quiltpattern.


Get inspired and color your #quilts with QuiltInk!

Designer Spotlight – Rachel Gilbert

As a mother who transitioned from a career to pursue her passion for quilting, I understand the importance of finding joy and fulfillment in creative endeavors. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing Rachel, a fellow Minnesotan and talented quilt pattern designer, who shares a similar journey of balancing motherhood, professional life, and a deep love for quilting. Join us as we uncover Rachel’s inspiring path, filled with vibrant fabrics, geometric designs, and the boundless creativity that defines her quilting journey.

Personal Background

Rachel, as we dive into your story, could you provide a snapshot of who you are and take us on the journey that led you to where you are today?

I was born and raised here in Minnesota, and now live in the wonderful city of Minneapolis. I am 30 years old, mom to a 7 month old baby boy, and a wife to my best friend. I went to school for Civil Engineering, and worked as an engineer for about 6 years after college before leaving that profession. I now spend my days as a pattern designer and caring for our home and our son!


Quilting Journey

When and how did you start quilting? What drew you to quilting as a form of expression?

Like many others, I made my first quilt in 2020. I had been sewing for many years before that, but it wasn’t until the Covid shutdown that I focused more on quilting. I’m lucky enough to say that my mom is a talented quilter and fabric lover, and she passed those interests down to me. My pull towards quilting began with my love of fabric, and grew from there. 


Pattern Designing

What inspired you to start designing quilt patterns? How do you approach the creative process of designing a new pattern?

My love of sewing and my skills as an engineer made designing quilt patterns the perfect outlet for both of those passions (bring on the quilt math!). Typically my design process starts with graph paper and a pencil and evolves from there.


Style and Aesthetics

How would you define your pattern style? Are there specific themes or elements that consistently appear in your designs?

My style is fairly geometric and modern. Typically my designs are pulled from the things around me that I love – my latest pattern was designed to look like ribbons and bows. In high school I wore a different bow in my hair every dingle day that matched my outfit, and today one of my favorite things is giving a friend the perfect gift wrapped up with ribbons and bows!  



How does color play a role in your pattern designing? Do you have a favorite color? Are there certain color combinations you find particularly appealing?

I can never stick to a specific color scheme for each quilt – every one is different. I love bright rainbow colors, and I love dusty desert colors. My heart belongs to floral fabrics, though. I’ve never met a floral I didn’t love!


Business Activities

Apart from designing patterns, what other activities are integral to your quilting business?

(Membership, notions, courses, etc)

Other than quilt pattern design, I also have a few bag patterns available, and a few more in the works! I just began technical editing this year, as well. 


Online Presence

Where can people find your work online? (Website, social media handles, online marketplaces). How do you use online platforms to connect with your audience and fellow quilters?

The best place to find my work is my website:, instagram: @sewjoyfulstudio, or facebook @sewjoyfulstudio

People can sign up for my email newsletter to stay up to date on all the things! Otherwise Instagram/Facebook are where I share what I’m working on.


Upcoming Projects

Can you provide a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or designs you’re working on? Any exciting collaborations or events?

Just a week ago I released my newest quilt pattern, All Wrapped Up! The QAL for that begins on Friday, May 3rd! 

This year I have plans to release a few bag patterns. And last, but certainly not least, the Sweater Weather Sampler is returning in 2024 from the Nine Patch Quilt Collective! 

QuiltInk Experience

How has QuiltInk contributed to your quilt pattern design business? Could you share your experience with the platform and how it has influenced your creative process and connected you with fellow quilters?

Being able to toggle through so many different colorways for a project in QuiltInk has streamlined everything for me. I struggle to choose fabrics for a project – the ease of which I (and those who purchase my patterns!) can test out fabric choices for a quilt is incredible!

QuiltInk Challenge May24

Did you enjoy the Spring palette for the QuiltInk Challenge Mar24? I certainly did! Seeing all the mock-ups created with it was a delight – a whopping 130 in total! The QuiltInk Wall is pure inspiration!

Let’s give a big congratulations to Bethanyinwonderland for being the winner of this month!
As you know, QuiltInk offers the possibility of coloring with solids as well as printed fabrics. The solid palettes are created by the QuiltInk team, based on company swatches and color references. Printed fabrics can be uploaded by each user, showcased by fabric shops, and pattern designers who are also fabric designers can showcase their fabrics. Are you ready to use a new printed fabrics collection?

This month marks the launch of the Winged Garden Fabric Collection by Alexandra Bordallo, a pattern designer in QuiltInk and also a fabric designer for Andover Fabrics.


Inspired by nature, this beautiful collection has been chosen as the centerpiece for our monthly challenge.


Start planning your upcoming quilting projects with this incredible fabric collection as you participate in our monthly challenge!

Alexandra Bordallo

Alexandra Bordallo, a quilting enthusiast and mother of two from Vic, near Barcelona, seamlessly balances her role in the education sector with her passion for fabric designing. 

Her journey began with her grandmother’s sewing lessons, leading her to delve into the world of quilting through various online resources. Inspired by new fabric collections and nature’s geometric shapes, Alexandra meticulously crafts quilt patterns, infusing traditional styles with modern elements like flying geese. Her love for vibrant colors, drawn from nature’s beauty, is evident in her designs. 

Beyond pattern designing, Alexandra collaborates with Andover Fabrics, bringing her unique prints to the quilting community, and licenses her surface designs for diverse products.


Depending on your Quitlink profile you will be able to choose between:

– A “Basic Designers Plan” for quilt pattern designers, which includes 3 patterns in QuiltInk (Value: $90).

– A “Fabric and Kits Plan” for fabric shops, along with a pack of 1 private patterns (Value: $110).

– A “Supporter Plan” for quilters, along with a pack of 3 private patterns (Value: $65). 

How to participate
1. Access to, sign in or create your free account.
2. Choose a pattern from the main page.
3. Color the pattern using the challenge palette, it’s the first palette in solid palettes list.
4. Share your mock-up on our #quiltinkwall.
Boost your chances of winning by sharing your mock-ups on Instagram! Create a post or share in your stories, mentioning @quilt_ink and @alexandrabordallo, tagging #QuiltInkChallengeMay24. Each post/story counts as 2 entries in the giveaway.
Prize: Yearly QuiltInk Subscription. check details above.
Selection: On June 1st, we will pick 1 mock-up randomly chosen between all the mock-ups in the Wall made with the QuiltInk Challenge May24 palette (the ones with the gift icon).
The more mock-ups you create, the higher your chances of winning! Start coloring now!
This giveaway is open internationally. You must be at least 18 years old. This giveaway is not sponsored by Instagram. Participants release Instagram of any responsibility and agree to IG terms of use.

Here are some examples of quilts hosted by QuiltInk and colored-in with the QuiltInkChallenge May 24 palette by Alexandra Bordallo! I love them all!

If you are wondering where you can find the QuiltInkChallenge palette, check the following video!

And here you can check the May24 Challenge fabrics. Aren’t they amazing?

We can’t wait to see all your mock-ups! 

Happy coloring and quilting to you all!

QuiltInk Challenge Apr24 winner

I have to confess I have enjoied a lot all the mockups the member of the QuiltInk community have created with the Spring palettes I set up using as inspiration 2 palettes from instagram profile.

130 colors versions have been created using a great variety of the public patterns in QuitlInk and it’s amazing seeing them all together. Don’t miss the Quiltink Mockupmonday number 86, it’s hypnotizing!

The winner of a “Supporter Plan” along with a pack of 3 private patterns: 
Bethanyinwonderland !!


Congratulations! We will contact with you by email, if you don’t get our email, please contact with us!

Tomorrow we will announce the next QuiltInk Challenge May24. With a palette from a wonderful fabric designer. Stay tuned!

Mockupmonday #87

We wish you a great week with this new #qink_mockupmonday ! The number 87, with nearly 200 #mockups published by the #quiltinkcommunity during the past 2 weeks. Enjoy it, it’s hypnotizing!